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(Copyrighted 12/20/1997)

Case Study - > Problems: Dear Doc, My girlfriend and I enjoy making love very much but when I get an orgasm five minutes into it its depressing. I wish I could last forever. Is there anything I can do to prolong or delay my orgasms. You see porn stars go forever without cumming and in reality I cant last more than five minutes. Please help me as much as you can. Thanks very much, Name Withdrawn

> Free Advice from Dr. Lin.
But, you see the female porn stars have never achieve real orgasm. They give you a fake orgasm. If you just want to prolong your intercourse, it is very easy. The tricky parts of self control are:

1. You have to apply pressure to your low abdomen with abdomen breathing ( I call it the Sexual ChiKong Breathing).

2. When you are about to come, you must stop action and massage your penis base/foot or perineum, or pull down your testicles/scrotum. You can do it without withdrawing penis from the vagina. But, I do it outside the vagina. Then change the love position and let your lady thrust you with my 3-point excitation position. Again, when you feel to come, repeat the massage procedures. After 4 or 5 times, your penis becomes very hard and semi-numbed! And you will last for a long long time.

3. Use a good love position and posture to prevent overstimulation on your trigger zone.



The Doggy style love position is not good for hard action; it can be used for fun and hardening your penis. Once the penis becomes very hard, the back-entry doggy style is not friendly at all. To make your woman come, you must have a very hard penis. You have to spend Most of the time in hardening your penis to make it reach an extreme stage that you feel your penis is likely to explode. All the women will come at this stage very naturally with multiple orgasms. However, It requires about 100-300 continuous thrusts without taking a break. After she achieve multiple orgasms, she will hug you very tightly to show her appreciation to your hard work, and you should take a 3-5 minute break, change your favorite position, and ejaculate your powerful jet into her (Contraception advised). You will feel 3 - 5 explosive contractions at a period of 0.8 seconds per cycle in your prostate, and she will respond to you with another (heart-attack-like) multiple orgasms.

I apply Tae-Kow-Do/kungfu styles to making love. Try my styles as shown in the attached pictures (2 JPG Files). More positions and action demonstrations are shown in my CD-ROM book. You have to know how to act correctly!

Speaking about sexual skills, I mix the ChiKong breathing, Chinese kungfu and know-how, and can last for more than an hour. If I play in the XXX movies, all they need is a male star for 3-5 female stars to make an hour-long movie. However, the continuous love action for an hour will make the muscle of the penis base/perineum area become very painful, because of muscle fatigue as a result of the hour-long hard erection. That is why I have to tell you that you must massage your penis base/root and perineum whenever you take a break. The prostate muscle pain will trigger ejaculation and make you lose your ejaculation control. In fact, if you can not expand the penis outward ( I call it the ballooning effect or the natural penile enlargement during sex) to lengthen the visible penile shaft, the built-up penile expansion will exert an expansion pressures inward against the prostate, leading to premature ejaculation too. To prolong intercourse, you must continue to let your penis expand outward! This is how I hold my erection for more than 90 minutes without dripping a drop of semen! 

Anyway, I find the Porn Movies are jokes!

TO All Readers: You make her come as shown in the pictures (the header picture) above if you do it correctly! One strike will give her multiple (Home Run) orgasms and let her feel good all night/day long. You don't have to make love all night/day long and even you don't have to ejaculate for her multiple orgasms. She will ejaculate from her uterus or vagina for you! This is the most beautiful moment A REAL MAN can enjoy.

One Reader said : Dr. Lin's Technique Made Her Come Twice in One Night and Lovemaking Last More Than 45 Minutes Excluding Foreplay!

Extra -

I have also found there are a lot of joking publications on sexual orgasm in the Internet. Some authors want to teach you how to make love all night long and drive women wild; the other ones want to give you hour-long orgasm. If I were you, I will e-mail them and ask them for their orgasmic pictures to prove what they said. Seeing is believing. Talking is cheap and can be very irresponsible! Perhaps, they are joking. I have received many young (18-30) readers' e-mails on their semi-erection/impotent problem, as a result of sexual exhaustion due to "too-frequent ejaculation" and "making love all night/day long too often." Is sex good or bad for your health? Perhaps, you should ask yourself whether water is good or bad for life. If you are very thirty, water is very good for you; if you get flooded, you know what I mean! Sex is like water; both are essential for your life, but they can turn your life upside down. It is up to you. You should pursue your life (or long)-term sexual orgasm (or "happiness" as called by some people) as the Tao of Love with your lady, not the short-term sexual fun as these jokers propose to you.

Confucius Said: "Learning without thinking is fatal; Thinking without learning is dangerous." Learn the electrified sexual technique and think about your bright sex future with the lady you love! Then, enjoy your sexual orgasm all the way to heaven!

If you go to Cases Studies of this website, you see what I mean! We have more than 1000 valuable cases to be posted!

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