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Where are the trigger zones for the men and women to reach orgasm? (7/15/1997)

Experirences told me that both men and women share the same trigger zone - The Urethra nerve to the prostate or Epicenter (the female degenerated prostate). When a man holds too much urine in his bladder, the urine hydrostatic pressure acting on the wall of the bladder will turn to squeeze the prostate gland which is the control valve of ejaculation and, thus, the the penis becomes very sensitive to any external stimulation. This is also true for the female but the urine hydrostatic pressure is acting against the wall between the vagina and urethra/bladder. The hydrostatic pressure is also exrting on the urethra. Basically, the entire wall between the vagina and urethra/bladder is the female's trigger zone. Thus, under the hydrostatic pressure women are very easy to stimulate and their vagina becomes extremely sensitive when they have a full urine in their bladder. It seems there is a chain reaction of the bladder nerve and the nerve anound the penis or the vagina. Hence, the male should empty his bladder about an hour before engaging in sex while the female should hold the urine for intercourse as long as she can.

On the other hand, if a man applies the internal pressure on the empty bladder by expanding his lower abdomen he should be able to fool the sexual sensing system around his penis. When I practice the internal pressure myself, I feel my prostate gland and anus are expanding (instead of Contracting) against the bladder too, and thus reduce the sensitivity of my sexual nerve. If a woman can contract her vagina/anus area with a full bladder, she should be able to make the wall between the vagina and urethra/bladder becomes extremely sensitive to the external stimulation.

The following graph show the external hot spot and trigger zone for men and women. The location of the trigger zones are about 1-3 inches long, starting from the opening of the urethra. Practically, during the love coupling (intercourse), the male should avoid stimulating his trigger zone when his penis is hard enough, pointing to 12 - 2 o'clock positions, and must apply a lot of pressure on her trigger zone by his finger plier or hard penis.

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