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Case Study: Cramping! Clean up her Conceptual Energy Channel by Pressure massage for better sexual oragsm
Special Note of Revising This Documents: 6/23/1999. This document was originally generated on 1/10/1998.
I want to retain its originity, so I add more detail of the solutions for the orgasmic pain problem here after our 10-year studies associated with the hormone deficiency in the middle agers' bodies.
First, the contractile muscles, uterine ligaments, and joints must be flexible and elastic enough to stand the shock waves produced by the uterine contraction.The flexibility and elasticity of any muscles, joints and liagments depend on the content of DHEA and testosterone in the local tissue. Thus, Deficiency of DHEA and testosterone in local tissues will cause pain and cramp locally. The orgasmic pain and cramp are ones of the typical examples.
When there is blockage in the Conception Channel - the centerline of the front body, the orgasmic wave energy will be reflected back to the pelvic cavity to produce spasmic loading (more than the original intensity of the shock waves) on the joints, uterine ligaments, and contractile muscles. The spasmic loading can create long-lasting pain and cramp when the joints, ligaments and muscles are insufficiently flexible or elastic to absorb the spasmic shocking waves. Our 10-year (during 1989-1998) experiemental studies show that the flexiblity and elasticity of the joints and muscles depend on the DHEA and testosterone level in the local tissue. If there are enough DHEA and testosterone in the local, pelvic tissue, the reflected orgasmic waves back to the pelvic cavity will cause long-lasting, consecutive orgasms for minutes or hours, instead of several seconds, without pain and cramp if the composited shock waves does not overload the capicity of the pelvic joints, ligament or muscles.. That is why some women claimed they can have hourly orgasm and enjoy it! Weak reflected orgasmic waves due to the presence of bones ablong the Conception Vessel, can enhance the orgasmic response. However, overtoned reflection will overload the contarctile muscle to cause pain and cramp in the pelvic cavity, that may spread over the low body invluding the legs and the tail bone.
Massaging the low-abdomen area, grions, tail bone, G-spot and Clitoral base can enrich the DHEA and Testosterone Secretion, remove/mitigate blood congestion down there, and, thus, let the hormone-enriched blood fill the contractile muscles, uterine ligaments and joints to increase the flexibility and elasticity for the impact of orgasmic waves. In fact, this is how massage temporarily relieve pain in a lot of areas of the body. However, when the endocrine system is weak or the combination between the brain and sex organs is dislinked due to the low bioelectric level of the sexual nerves, there will be a lack of DHEA and Tesosterone in the sex organs. Simple massage is insufficient to overcome the problem. Therefore, it requires a combination of massage with the herbal supplements, such as Heat Tea, ViaGrowth-I,-II, &-III, or PeniSOS to take care the problem, as listed in
Uterine prolapse, anteversion and retroversion, resulting from the weak uterine supports, can cause the same problem and intercourse pain too. The causes of the weak uterine supports include deficiency of DHEA and testosterone, childbearing (overloading!), less exercise of the local muscle.
Women after 30or 35 are likely to experience these problems.

The Original Document -
Problems: (Reader's name withdrawn, unedited) Eachtime I have an orgasm, I get a dull pain in the lower right corner of my abdomen. The pain usually lasts about 2 minutes, and then it goes away. To the contrary, today it came back about 10 hours after my orgasm. What could this be?
I would really appreciate your response.
Dr. Lin >
Orgasmic pain usually happens in the low abdomen of the women after 35. Women of our baby boomer generation expect this happens very frequently after ovulating. It can be attributed to the weak hormone secretion or the improper channeling of sexual energy during or after sexual orgasm.
There are 3 Acupunture Channels - Conception, Kidney and Liver Vessels, looping through our sex organs.
When women achieve sexual orgasm, the orgasmic energy pulses (orgasmic waves) due to the uterus contraction must be channeled to the Conception Vessel (Energy Channel)-the front central line of our body, and radiated out on the forehead.
If the Conception Energy Channel has blockage, the orgasmic energy pulses will be trapped in the low abdomen, producing the uterus cramp.
If the orgasmic energy pulses is bypassed to the right (left) Kidney or Liver Channels, it will cause cramp in the right (left), low abdomen after achieving orgasm.
Our soultions that work well are
1). Massage your low abdomen and groin for 5-10 minutes before penetration. The massage will induce the serection of the sexual hormone, engorgement of your sex organs and cleanup of these 3 energy channels;
2). Massage again after achieving orgasm, to disperse the accumulated blood and energy (Chi) in these area. Don't let the residual blood and Chi be stagnated there.
3). Everytime you take a bath or shower, you should spend a few munites in massaging your low abdomen and sex organs as well.
Men should do the same thing too!
Why not consider my proposed massages as your foreplay and afterplay of intercourse? That is why I call the entire intercourse process the "Tao of Love Coupling", instead of "lovemaking."
You must do it everytime you have sex After Ovulating. Please let me know your result if possible.

Reader:> Thank you so much for your response. I will try your techniques.
I am 21. Is pain after orgasm common for my age? Recently the pain has been intermitently going on and off for about a day after an orgasm. Do you think this could simply be muscle strain or something else?
Again, I really thank you for your time. I am too embarassed to discuss this kind of thing with my doctor, because I've only seen this doctor once since my insurance changed.
Dr. Lin:> Be honest to you. It may happen to young ladies, but this is very common for those after 35 or childbearing. This problem usually is a result of the prolapsed uterus. You may ask your OBGY to check the loaction of you uterus in your next visit. I got a lot of e-mail from female readers on the similar problem. We have experienced this problem once a while during after-ovulation and period, after our 40. We take a pre-caution on this problem, so I massage her low abdomen and sex organs very often. It work every well.
You also need a daily exercise for your vagina muscle. Contract your vagina muscle several times when you go to bath(rest)room. This exercise can restore the PC muscle runing from your pubic to your tail bone, in support of your uterus!
Take care!
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