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Your Question:
What is the Penis Clock and Sexual Potential?
The following sketch show the Penis Clock. The Penis Clock times the male sexual age and potential, which, more or less, are associated with the real age but may not reflect the real age. Those who start sexual activities too young, abuse their sexual energy, or totally discharge their sexual potential too frequently, will make their sexual batteries die faster than they are supported to be. When one's penis points to 5 or 6 o'clock, he has to recharge his sexual battery, clean up his chi's flow paths(body electricity conduits, or called the acupuncture vessels) and blood circulation paths around the sex organ and take some tonic herbs to restore his charge system.

The penis hardness can determine the chance of women's sexual orgasms. Our experiments show that the penis pointing to 12-2 O'clock positions can always produce multiple sexual orgasms every time, with the Method of Resonant Excitation. If the penis points to 4-5 o'clock positions, the woman's clitoris must be heavily pressurized by the man's pubic borne. If the woman is very horny at that moment, the woman still have a chance to achieve a diffusion-type orgasm under which the woman's sexual energy is dispersed into the entire body without sexual energy (pleasure) pulses. The following graphs outline our experimental results.

DEFINITION OF PENIS HARDNESS (Updated 10/9/1997): (Implementation of the Penis Clock)
Noticeably, the penis' rise angle may also depends on the position of the penis base (footing). Therefore, the justification of the sexual age and potential should be based upon the hardness of the penis shaft, the other way to gauge the penis power. The penis hardness is measured by the deformation (depression) of the penis shaft when the thumb and index finger squeeze the middle section of the shaft with a maximum pressure they can provide. The penis hardness is classified as
1. Hard (solid) - depression less than 1/16 inches or 1.575 mm;
2. Medium - depression in 3/16 - 1/16 inches, or 4.725 - 1.575 mm;
3. Soft - depression larger than 3/16 inches or 4.725 mm.

Engineering Point of View:

Caring your sexual battery is very similar to maintaining your car battery. I suggest the following HOW-TO's:

1. Don't over-discharge or over-charge your battery; Over-charging is as bad as over-discharging. If you feel of less potential, don't discharge (don't ejaculate) in the session of Love Coupling (intercourse). There is another way to satisfy your partner (see "How can I give her orgasm without ejaculation?") .(see "How can I give her orgasm without ejaculation?") .

2. Don't pollute your body with drugs, alcohols, cigarette, or junk foods and drinks. Re-fill your body with balanced nutrients or tonic herbs as we do for our car battery (adding electrolyte for the aged batteries, or pure water to the dried-up batteries in regular maintenance). Sea foods are best sources for recharging your potential(see "What are the tonic foods or herbs to recharge the sexual potential?").

3. Constantly and frequently recharge your battery. Taoists consider that the constant and frequent intercourse is the physical method to recharge your battery. This method is one of the ways to cure impotence and women's sexual problems. Remember that when your potential runs low, don't ejaculate during intercourse. This is a part of sexual exercises (SEXercises). See "How can I revive my sexual potential by intercourse?".

4. Exercise and massage your middle body section. The acupuncture vessels in the low section of our body (the low back and the sex-organ area) delivers bio-electricity from your brain to the sexual organ while the circulation vessels supplies the blood to the sex organ to uphold the sexual excitements, such as penis erecting and hardening, vagina lubricating and expanding, and labia swelling. Don't let your blood and acupuncture vessels in the middle section of your body (in particular, sex-organ area) block. See " How can I use exercises and massages to maintain my sexual function?".

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