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Your Question:
What is the Sexual ChiKong?
Sexual ChiKong is a kind of the exercises on your sex organ through the breathing control synchronizing with the contraction or expansion of your abdomen. Here, I offer two kinds of Sexual ChiKong: one for men and other for women. The Sexual ChiKong for men will allow a man to control his ejaculation time or block his sexual sensitivity or response to external stimulation. The Sexual ChiKong for women is another kind of the exercises, in contraction to that for men, that can enhance her muscle around the vagina and urethra and accelerate her sexual response to the stimulation inside the vagina. Do you want to see some demonstration of the Sexual ChiChong? OO! Yes.

Sexual ChiKong basically works in two ways: Accelerating or Decelerating sexual orgasms, depending on how you want to contract or expand you sexual muscles with your internal force (termed as the Chi, or the force with breathing). In the old Taoism tales, it is said that you can partially numb your body part in a surgery operation by focusing your chi into it without chemicals. This is maybe true since in the old days there were no chemicals available for surgery. In particular, almost all the military persons were trained with the KongFu and ChiKong techniques. In the battle field, ChiKong itself is a part of military medicine as well as a kind of physical training for physical strength and endurance. The wound soldiers were surgically operated without numbing their body parts. Now, suppose a man uses the same ChiKong principle to his penis and prostate gland areas he will be able to interrupt his sexual excitement or, more precisely, to numb his penis/prostate gland by the ChiKong method.

What I would like to introduce to you is how to apply the old soldier ChiKong to improving men's sexual strength and endurance. This means we can apply the "fighting skill" in the old battle field to our bedroom. No wonder that the old Taoists considered that the intercourse is a battle of life energy between the male and female. In fact the old Taoists obtained this concept from some insects of which the male died right after intercourse. The old Taoists considered the male insects died of over-discharging their semen. Therefore, the old Taoists proposed that the three fundamental elements of the male life are Semen, Chi, and Spirit. When the male loss his semen too much or sexually exhausted himself, he can not drive (circulate) his Chi to any spot of his body as he wishes, and he can not secure his Spirit or concentrate his mind on his job. Hence, the Sexual ChiKong was developed to secure the male's semen and give his female partner the full pleasure at the same time. The Taoism on sex benefit for men is the most abused concept in the Chinese history. In each dynasty, almost all the emperors after third generations died young, at the age of their twenties or thirties. Even that the emperors used a lot of sexually tonic herbs such as Ginseng, Deer Horn, Dog/Tiger/Deer Penis, and so on, to enrich their sexual potential and driver, every one still loss his life in the sex battle field when he had to fight with more than thousand mistresses in his dragon bed. Why those emperors loss their life to sex? My simplest solution for this question is that they do not how to practice the Sexual ChiKong to prevent ejaculation during intercourse. Image that you have to face three female partners every night. Can you survive? That is what the Sexual ChiKong is for!

On the other hands, from time to time a wife may hear her husband complain that her vagina becomes too loose after giving birth of babies. She may feel her vagina become less sensitive to his penis stimulation after having kids. The old Taoist method to fix this problem is to let her contract her vagina muscle with a egg-like ball in it. In fact, this method is to teach women how to exercise her muscle, which is also known as the Kegel exercise of women's PC muscle. This Sexual ChiKong was developed for the queen to secure her sexual attraction to her emperor. This technique had been spread into brothels where prostitutes may require to have sex more than ten times a day. With this technique a prostitute can force her male partner to ejaculate in a few seconds.
Now I would like to tell you how to practice the Sexual ChiKong for men and women. Since the functions of the Sexual ChiKong for men and women are opposite each other, the methods of circulating the Chi in the body are naturally different. Hence, I present each separately, as it follows.
The Sexual ChiKong For Men- I propose a four-step approach for men as shown in the following graph:

1. Calm the mind with naturally breathing for several minutes, partially close the eyes, put the tongue against the palate, focus the mind on the forehead between the eyebrows.
2. Inhale air through the nose stepwise, expand the abdomen, as termed pumping and holding, in an interval of 2 - 5 seconds, for 8 to 20 times up to the maximum capacity of the lung, and move the mind to down to the navel.
3. Hold the breath, start to move the expanded abdomen downward by contracting the upper abdomen, as the pressure gradually builds up against the bladder and prostate gland, and move the mind to the prostate gland area.
4. Contract the anus and exhale air through the mouth slowly, while moving the mind slowly from the prostate gland area, along the spinal cord, up to the forehead.
5. Repeat 2-4 several times.

1. In Step 4, a man should experience a hot energy flow, called Chi, rising up from the prostate gland area, along the spinal cord, to the head.
2. During intercourse, Step 3 is the most important one; he should hold the breath as long as he can and apply pressure to the bladder and prostate gland area with the maximum contraction of the upper abdomen and the maximum expansion of the lower abdomen. It will knock down the sensitivity of the penis and eventually numb it as it is ready for surgery.
3. It requires practice for 2 - 10 weeks to notice its effects on the sexual performance.

The Sexual ChiKong For Women- Here I also propose a four-step approach for women as shown in the following graph:

1. Calm the mind with naturally breathing for several minutes, partially close the eyes, put the tongue against the palate, focus the mind on the navel area.
2. Exhale air slowly through the mouth with expanding the abdomen and empty the lung completely, and move the mind up to the forehead between two eyebrows.
3. Inhale air through the nose stepwise, also termed as pumping and holding, contract the upper abdomen and vagina/anus at the same time, in an interval of 2 - 5 seconds, for 5 to 15 times up to the maximum capacity of the lung, move the mind from the forehead along the spinal cord down to the vagina area.
4. Hold the maximum contraction of the vagina/anus for 10 - 100 seconds.
5. Repeat 2-4 several times.

1. In Step 3 you will feel a energy flow go downward along the spinal cord to the vagina area.
2. During intercourse, Step 4 is the most important one to bring the sensitivity of the vagina to a maximum and you will experience a hot energy flow moves upward through the chest to the forehead.
3. It requires practice for 2 - 10 weeks to notice its effects on the sexual orgasm.
Here I also provide the example of the vagina exercise with an egg-shaped ball for the female readers in The CD-ROM..

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