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Your Question:
What is the sexual ChiKong Intercourse?
I don't know if this is my another great invention of sexual technologies. When I disclosed my Great Invention of the Finger Plier, a lot of readers e-mailed me for the detail of that method. The Finger Plier can easily break the women's orgasmic barrier in 2 minutes. In the past two months, I received a lot of e-mails from my female readers asking me about how to restore the strength of their vagina muscle after having babies. Well, my solution for this problem is incorporation of the vagina muscle's exercise into intercourse. When the penis thrusts inside the vagina, the lady should periodically contract the vagina muscle. If the lady uses the sexual ChiKong breathing to contract the vagina muscle during intercourse, I call this style the Sexual ChiKong Intercourse. The Sexual ChiKong Intercourse can lock the lady's mind into the state of sexual ecstacy. If the couple uses my resonant excitation approach, the lady can achieve multiple orgasms in one minute. The most important part of this approach is the synchronous motion of the two bodies and souls. Sexual Pleasure always follows the mingling of two bodies and souls.

In the Double-boby Motion Technique, A Combination of Woman's Yoga Posture, Male Tae-Kwon-Do/Tai-Chi's Horserider Stance/ Squating Posture, Sexual ChiKong Breathing and Harmonic Love Action(synchronous motion) produces a high-impact stimulation for the woman to achieve multiple orgasms in a very short time, and allow the man to completely lock the ejaculation gate.The Man's Squating Posture will load his weight on the Sacral and Coccygeal nerves of his thighs, that will knock down his sexual excitement in his penis and prostate. Thus, He can fully control his ejaculation timing. Two AVI Motion Pictures show you this love action from Trans-Harmonic Excitation to Multiple Sexual Orgasms. In fact, It is a very good sexual exercise. All of them are in the AVI Files of the CD-ROM.

Well, you can count on this approach for a good sexual life even when you become a senior citizen. This is the best approach to exercise the sexual muscle for both men and women.

By the way, We term "Intercourse of a Loving Couple" as "Love Coupling", "Yin-Yang Reunion", "Pleasure of Cloud and Rain", or "Harmonization of Body Nature". We Don't have to "Make Love" since love exists in the loving couple. "Love Coupling" is a very routine, sexual exercise for us, as natural as eating and drinking. It mutually massages our sex organs during intercourse. The CD-ROM's AVI files will show you what the sexual exercise looks and sounds like. It is like a cross-country run (marathon), with a very, very heavy breathing and high-speed action, and a jet breaking the sound(orgasmic) barrier to reach the supersonic (multi-orgasmic) state from the transonic(Trans-Harmonic) state.

One of the reasons I disclosed these sexual secrets is that I don't want to let the XXX Porn Movies industries pollute young people's mind as the Hollywood movies do, both promote divorce rate in the modern society. I want you to know all the XXX Porn Movies are jokes! What is the human dignity of sex? What does "LOVE" mean to you? A Loving Couple must respect and care each other. "Respect" and "Care" are the most important parts of "Love". I have received a lot of male readers's e-mails asking me how to make their ladies become more interesting in sex. "Respect", "Care" and "Petting or Massaging each other very often (everyday)" are the secret of keeping sex in the right track! "Sexual ChiKong Intercourse" is the Tao of Love!

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