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Your Question:

What is the difference among Clitoris, G-spot and Epicenter orgasm(s)? Could you please explain this to me?

I have done many experiements on the excitation of sexual orgasms with these three spots: the Clitoris, G-spot, and Epicenter ( I named a spot near the cervix, that will produce orgasmic shock waves).

I conclude all three points (spots) can trigger woman's orgasms. It depends on the location of the trigger point, a very itchy spot in the woman's sex organs during intercourse. It can be any one of them. Readers should realize that the G-spot is a small "zone", not a "point."

The Clitoris-type orgasm is a shallow, weak one in which the sexual energy releases through heat-wave diffusion with a weak orgasmic wave like a transition voltage response to a turn-on of a switch. I consider it is the transition response of the sexual energy gate (termed as Earth Gate) of the Orgasm Resonator as shown in resonant.jpg. Massaging the base of the Clitoris with a circular motion of one finger or a parallel motion of two fingers acting on both sides of the Clitoris with another finger on the clitoral shaft, MAY trigger this type of orgasm if the lady is in the mode. One cycle of the wave will make the clitoris become too sensitive to touch! The strength of this type of orgasm is equilvalent to the EarthQuake (EQ) magnitude 3 - 4.9.

The G-spot orgasm will make about 2-5 cycle orgasmic waves with ejacualtiing love juice from the vagina wall. I tested this before with my Finger Plier method which stimulates the Clitoris and G-spot simultaneously with 3-6 -psi pressure. I consider the Clitoris is the Earth Gate that allows the seismic (woman's sexual ) wave energy to release. To open this sexual energy gate, stimulation of the clitoris with the G-spot is prefered because the Earth Gate in the clitoral root is on the other side of the G-spot across the urethra. However, the trigger point of sexual orgasm is in the G-spot zone, so that I call it the G-spot orgasm. It will produces multiple, sexual orgasms as long as the stimulation is continued. Since the excitation pressure on the G-spot will also stimulate the urethra, usually a lady can only take about 5-cycle strong orgasmic waves. The EQ magnitude is about 5 - 5.9 inside the women's low abdomen. A woman's vocal response to this type of multiple orgasms and the re-creating motion pictures (AVI File) of Double-body Motion Technique (type I, 2-point excitation- the G-spot and Epicenter) from the original videos are given in the revised CD-ROM.

The Epicenter (on the upper side of the vagina end near the Cervix Opening) orgasm will generate powerful shock waves of 5-20 cycles. The stimulation on the Epicenter (the Orgasmic Pacemaker!) will force the uterus to generate EQ-type sesmic waves. That is why I call that point the Epicenter. This type of orgasm allows the lady to take more shock waves (20 or 30 cylces) before the uterus or her low body become numbed. Our experiences indicated that the lady's whole body may become numbed when the stimulation is continued for more than 15 shock waves after breaking the orgasmic barrier. The lady will ejaculate love jouice from the uterus. Two female readers reported this type of multiple orgasms, wetting their bedsheets. General speaking, this type of multiple orgasms requires the Method of 3-point Excitation, or the alternate 3-point exciation method - a Double-body Motion technique that allows the Clitoris, G-spot and Epicenter to be simultaneously stimulated with about 3-6 -psi pressure. The stimulation of the G-spot is to open the sexual energy gate for the lady to achieve multiple orgasms in a short time. This is very important for those (for examples, the middle-aged and sensior couples) who don't have enough energy for long intercourse. The CD-ROM includes this special technique and two vocal responses to this type of multiple orgasms. This type of multiple orgasms is equilvalent to the EQ magnitude 6-9. Woman's vocal responses to this type of multiple orgasms and the re-creating motion pictures (AVI file), with the Double-body Motion Technique (type II, 3-point excitation) and the Method of Resonant Excitation from actual intercourse videos during the Trans-Harmonic and Multi-Orgasm states, are also given in the revised CD-ROM.

We have experienced these 3 types of orgasm and, more, a combination of them - very violent orgasm, like a volcano eruption as shown in the header picture.

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