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Case Study: Another successful sexual orgasm story; and the feeling difference between the G-spot and Epicenter sexual orgasm
Reader: 12/17/1999>
Dr, Lin,
My name is Shirley and I had wrote you sometime ago about problems with orgasms. You replied back and I started to utilize your advise about what spots to pay attention to in my female lover's body.
I am happy to report that since our discussion, my lover says that she "sees stars", and sometimes "feels like she is about to have a heart attack"! (She does have a heart condition, so I should be careful!) Her legs continuously vibrate for about ten to fifteen minutes after sex! She says that there is a spot I hit that makes her think "Oh my God, where did she find that at? That's it!"
But Dr. Lin, this is my concern...when I use a dildo on her, there are times that I feel like I am passing through a closing on a tunnel - for example, the head of the dildo is entering something that feels like I am sticking it through the O part of the "OK" sign that you make with your hands, like it tightens up over the head. It feels like she is gripping it in other words. I try to concentrate on pushing in up towards the top (the roof) of the back when I feel that gripping, and she starts saying "yeah baby, like that!" Before I know it she almost stops breathing...and she's in tears with pleasure! But is that the epicenter, or the G-spot as she says? Sometimes she rubs her clitoris as I am using the dildo. Does that mean that she isn't fully being satisfied by the dildo? I am trying to imitate the action of a penis, but I am not sure.
Last night, while doing the abovementioned things, she says she had "at least eight orgasms", and the sheets was soaking when she got up. Do you think I am doing it right? I just bought a TV and a VCR, so my new years resolution is to get your tapes and books. I just wanted to know your opinion of this.
Also, when I finger her, I touch the roof of her vagina, but everything is so soft, I don't know if I am just touching her bladder or the areas that matter. How can you tell? Thanks.
Once again, you can use my letter, but no personal info please.
Dr. Lin:12/17/1999>
You hit her Epicenter - the most vital spot for orgasm, and directly trigger her orgasm from her Orgasmic Pacemaker, as shown in
What you stimulated her is similar to the central graph of
When my penis strikes my wife's Epicenter, I feel there is a suction force griping my penis, that is, my glans penis is gripped by her cervix and bladder.I feel her vagina is extremely tight!
The Epicenter is a soft spot between the cervix and bladder, about 4-5 inches deep, behind the bladder, while the G-spot is a protrusive, solid ridge hanging upside down in the vaginal ceiling abour 1-2 inches deep behind the pubic bone.
Generally speaking, you can feel her G-spot "erecting", but you feel nothing about the Epicenter unless she responds with a sequence of shocks.
The Epicenter is full of the bioelectric/nervous cells and tesosterone receptors, much more than the G-spot has.
Before the vagina is tented up, stimulating the G-spot with pressure will result in feeling peeing, while stimulating the Epicenter with pressure will cause pain.
Upon the vagina is fully expanded, stimulating the Epicenter will produce pleasure shocks, Orgasmic Shock Waves that shock the entire body, where she will feel surfing on the nearshore breaking waves - "she feels like she is about to have a heart attack!", while stimulating the G-spot will generate a sequence of smooth orgasmic waves, where she feel following on long swells up and down - "sees stars and the earth move".
You said:" Sometimes she rubs her clitoris as I am using the dildo. Does that mean that she isn't fully being satisfied by the dildo?"
Rubbing her clitoris is to open her energy gate to allow her sexual energy to surge out.
The clitoral rooting nerve is the energy gate or window (I call it Earth Gate, CV-2) where the sexual energy will be radiated out of the pelvic area into the Conception Vessel (the front central body) of the Acupuncture Network to the heart and forhead, as shown in
. Generally speaking, if this gate is not open, the sexual energy will be trapped in the Epicenter and she will feel pelvic congestion (angry!). When her sexual energy elevates the bioelectric level over -40 mV in the Orgasmic Pacemaler of the Epicenter, the autorhythmic fibers in the Orgasmic Pacemaker will be self-excited to pace uterine contraction (orgasm) upon the Earth Gate is open. The energy gate is an energy radiation window of the orgasmic generator - the uterus. This gate is located in the supperior of the G-spot across the urethra , under the pubic bone as shown in
When the G-spot and Clitoris are swollen to an extreme (about 5 times in size), the G-spot and Clitoral rooting nerves squeeze each other against the urethra. Pressure stimulation on the G-spot will turn on the clitoral rooting never and open the Earth Gate upon indirectly triggering orgasm in the G-spot. On the other hand, under the same condition, pressure stimulation on the upper-left corner of the clitoral base and shaft (from her view) will open the Earth Gate and trigger the G-spot orgasm too.
This is why sometimes she has to rub her clitoris while you stimulate her.
In our vocal records of orgasmic responses, the orgasmic pulse (termed as clitoral orgasm) produced by openning the the clitoral Earth Gate is always leading the orgasmic waves generated by the uterine contraction, as shown in
upon breaking the Orgasmic Barrier, where the the first orgasmic pulse is the clitoral orgasm resulting from the opening of the Earth Gate and the others after the first pulse are produced by the uterine contraction. If the Earth Gate is indirectly opened by the elastic wave along the urethra due to the heavily rhythmic stimulation on the G-spot or/and Epicenter, the leading clitoral orgasm pulse will become very weak, too weak for her to feel.
Thus, the easiest way to produce orgasm is to pen the Earth Gate along with triggerring orgasm in the G-spot or Epicenter. This is why I invented the 2-point and 3-point Excitation Methods to trigger female orgasm in every lovemaking as described in
The Finger Plier Method and 3-point Excitation Position are their basic applications. To me, making women achieve multiple orgasms is just a trick.

Since the Epicenter is deeper than the G-spot. When you hit her Epicenter, you will inevitably stimulate her G-spot at the same time. As you directly trigger her orgasm in the Epicenter with her self-setimulation on her clitoris, the resulted orgasm will be a mixture of the Clitoral, G-spot and Epicenter Orgasm. This kind of orgasm is so powerful that she may be blackout, get the face or body parts numbed, feel breathless, or experience out-of-control shaking for a few minutes (3-10 minutes, common) So, you get your diploma!

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