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Case Study - Why he can't hold an erection for sexual orgasm!
Reader: 6/9/1999>
When I am with my girlfriend sometimes I have a problem attaining an erection. The times I do get an erection I tend to prematurely ejaculate. We get along great in every other part of our relationship but this tends to cause tension. I went to an urologists and he said that I do not have anything medically wrong. He believes that I have "performance anxiety" and suggested I see a sex therapist. I am currently a graduate student and money is very tight and cannot afford to pay a sex therapist. Please help me, it has me severely depressed.
Dr. Lin: 6/11/1999>
You don't have sufficient DC (Direct-Current) bioelectricity in your parasympathetic sexual nerve which is responsible for your erection. It causes the communication problem between the brain and the penis because the electric pulses of the action potential, AC pulses + DC (rest) potential, in the parasympathetic sexual (motor) nerve are too weak to reach the penis for erection. When you have sexual encounter, your sympathetic nervous division overpowers the parasympathetic nervous division and fires off the renin-release mechanism in the kidneys to race your heart and elevate your blood pressure. The hyperactive sympathetic function consumes up the DC potential in your parasympathetic nervous division which is the backup battery of the sympathetic division. Thus, the renal activity shuts off your parasympathetic sexual function. With a weak erection, you will try to contract your prostate to assist your erection. Once you do that, you hyper-activate your prostate's ejaculation controller.
You have to elevate your bioelectric level in your parasympathetic system by promote the brain-adrenal-testicular function.  Only a powerful parasympathetic nervous function can keep your ejaculation control valve tight!  Generally speaking, this problem is caused by frequent multi-ejaculation in one love session, over-masturbation, or starting masturbation too young. As a result, the testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) receptors increases, and excessive testosterone and DHT is bound in the prostate tissues to overheat your prostate for more sex and less control.  In addition, your prostate tissues trap too much stress hormones due to over-working. You have to free testosterone, DHT and stress hormone from your prostate tissues!  You need testosterone to burn for powering erection, but you don't want it and its-byproduct DHT to bind in the prostate tissues, because they will enlarge your prostate for out-of-ejaculation control.  Note: Reducing the stress hormone production will increase HGH,  DHEA, testosterone and Nitric Oxide (NO, the erection mediator)  levels for promoting erection.

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