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Case Study - Natural erection is a meter of the male body age for sexual orgasm (s)
Reader: 6/7/1999>
Dr. Lin - I have spoken to you many times and asked questions and you have been so helpful. You told me that I seemed to have a good vagina (having practiced kegels) and that I was the perfect lover. I was with a man and I needed someone inside me so desperately. He told me that no man gets erected on his own and that they usually need oral sex or some caressing. He said I knew nothing about en but I remember you telling me about erections and that your wife would not allow you to make love to her without a full hard erection. If a man has to insert a semi-erect penis into the vagina, its humiliating for both parties because the orgasm will not happen for the woman and the woman gets to where she has or cannot get up love for the man. I have almost decided to stop trying because I am with a man perhaps sometimes for 3 to 5 hours - he has three orgasms and I have none - they try awfully hard and I feel I could have them in one minute but they never can seem to thrust with the force of their body into my vagina. I have had men I wouldn't have had because of the desperation but I think I will just pray to go to take away the awful desire as it will probably not be satisfied. Do you think 80% of men are this way - not having a turgid, hard penis. I actually cried on the bed with this man because of my frustration. We kissed perhaps l00 times and we caressed so much but he was not rock hard and he said that I was foolish to think it should be. I didn't think so having remembered your advice. Thank you for all your help.
Dr. Lin: 6/10/1999>
A man with a good brain function should have a natural erection with manual stimulation. Almost all the young men can erect with visual or auditory stimulations. Mind stimulation causes the morning erection and wet dream for those who have a good brain-testiscular function. Even, my middle aged body still naturally responds to the porn movies or beautiful bikini ladies on the beach or pool side.
The natural erection is a meter of the male brain-testicular function. A man without a natural erection can not bring his penis to the full power state that drives his lady to orgasm in few minutes. The love action is to power the penis to an extreme from a natural erection (pointing 2-3 o'clock position). Women's orgasm requires a lot of high pressure stimulation from the power-up penis on the G-spot or Epicenter.
When a penis requires a stimulation to erect by hand jobs or oral sex, the penis will go limp again because the man does not have enough bioelectricity in the parasympathetic sexual nerves or can not produce a burst of testosterone and 5-alpha reductase to continuously charge the nerve system and to balloon the penis. When he will try very hard to contract the prostate to assist his erection, the prostate nerve becomes hyperactive and triggers his ejaculation. This means he will experience premature ejaculation. Don't expect sexual orgasm with a weak erection like that, no matter how hard you give him hand jobs or oral sex. It is useless. The penis can not stay hard and long enough to bring you over the edge. I believe he has been poisoned by the porn movies which always show the penises are very soft, required a lot of oral sex or hand jobs. My wife won't make love without my natural erection. She won't initiate my erection. Her mouth or hands are used to test the erection strength of my power-up penis before we perform the final-stage orgasmic stimulation. She considers if the erection is weak, there is no much left in the male body, and the man can not perform well.
We have tested our products to improve the natural erection power. For examples, A middle ager taking Endura or ViaPal-hGH (including ViaGrowth-III or IV) series products along will experience a lot of morning erection or the natural erection upon the visual or auditory stimulations. A bikini lady can stimulate his brain to erect his penis. Since Endura or ViaPal-hGH contains the substances that power the brain/nervous/endocrine/liver/cardiovascular functions for production of Human Growth Hormone, DHEA, testosterone and Nitric Oxide (NO, the erection mediator), he will experience frequent erection without visual or auditory stimulation. The brain can trigger his erection without external stimulation when his body is in a relaxation state. His brain function is like a teenager or young man's. Thus, the natural erection is a measure of the brain-testicular function, an indicator of the brain age. When we tested  Endura or ViaPal-hGH products for a long time (more than 10 yeras) based upon a thousand-year old Chinese Emperor/ Empress formula, we are able to reverse the brain age. Hence, I encourage him to take these products.
When he tries these products, he will experience spontaneous erection without manual stimulation.

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