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Case Study - >CAT, Coitus Alignment Technique: principle and drawback for sexual orgasm. (unedited)

Reader 1 : 8/21/1998>
My wife recently heard of a position for love making that has a 80% rating for the woman to acheave orgasm! The position is known as the "Cat Position" Can you provide any information? Thanks

Reader 2: 8/22/1998>
my wife has recently heard of a position for love making were the woman is nearly allways 90% able to acheave orgasm. have you ever heard of the "cat position" ?

Dr. Lin: 8/25 /1998>
TO Reader 1:

CAT stands for Coitus Alignment Technique (click here for illustrations. )

CAT is the way you attempt to stimulate her clitoris and G-spot at the same time by moving your low body against her clitoris with the body weight.

Some couples prefer the women straightening their legs; we prefer the woman's wall squat position- widely splitting her legs or bending the widely open legs downward in the air for deep penetration (see the attached picture). The wall squat position allows a simultaneously stimulation on her Clitoris, G-spot and Epicenter. No matter what approach you use, your pubic bone must keep pressure on her clitoris (pubis) all the time, and your penis keeps attacking her G-spot and Epicenter.

The problem of CAT is the stimulation speed and the locking of her itchy (orgasmic trigger) spot.
When we were young, we used this position. At that time, my lady can easily get orgasm with this position in slow speed stimulation (1.25 cycles per second).

Because the constant, frequent intercourse makes the sex organs become less sensitive, women require a high-speed stimulation (2.5 cycles/second) which can not be achieved by using the CAT. In addition, in the high-temperature state of the menstruation cycle after ovulating, a woman requires a high speed stimulation (2.5 cycles/second, sub-harmonic excitation) with a heavy pressure on the clitoris and g-spot, and CAT can not provide enough stimulation to insure her orgasm. Therefore, we invented the 3-Position Excitation (click here for the illustration) which allow a woman to take control and to lock her orgasmic trigger point ( a very itchy spot leading to her orgasms).
After that, we consider the CAT as one of our Soft-Drive and Hard-drive positions and Daily Morning Sexual Massage. This position is very good for expanding her vagina in the Soft-drive stage. It is very easy for the man to power up his penis. The difficulty of CAT is that the man can not hold his ejaculation to have her come more than one times. It usually comes together if the man have a hard erection. If you can not have a hard erection or hold ejaculation, she will not get orgasm no matter how hard you work.

The 3-Point Excitation Position can make her come 2 or 3 times in a love session without ejaculation. SO, when we look into the sexual technology, the 3-point excitation method is a very advanced sexual technique. It is very easy to incorporate the exercise of the vagina muscle into the love thrusting. In fact, this is what We called the Sexual ChiKong Intercourse. We practice the Sexual ChiKong Intercourse for more than 20 years. Her vagina is as tight as a virgin's.
In fact, when you have sex, you will use a lot of love positions. But you have to classify which position you want to use to expand her vagina, power-up your penis, and execute her orgasm.
In this regard, you should read my orgasmic tips in

Our interesting in sex includes multiple sexual orgasms and sexual exercise for health and rejuvenation. It is common to have a 30-60 minute love thrusting (about 2000-3000 thrusts) in one love session. It all depends on her sexual response at that time. So, we have to invent some special love positions which allow us to perform more than 300 cycles of love trusting in one shot without exhausting ourselves. That means. we have to change love positions about 10 times in one love session. Otherwise, the sympathetic nervous system will execute the "Fight or Flight" Command - "Ejaculation or Runaway - disabling the erection!"

TO Reader 2:
CAT, Coitus Alignment Technique, is the Man-on-the-top position with applying pressure by the man's pubic bone against the woman Clitoris. I called this the alternate 3-point Excitation position as shown in the attached Figures. It is a deep penetration with semi-forward-backward motion. This is a male driving position, but it can be a female driving position. In my "advanced" CAT, the woman butt is raised by a pillow support with a wall squat, splitting her legs as wide as she can, and the man lays on the top of her and deeply penetrate her so that the man's pubic bone always acts against the clitoris all the time (idealized assumption!). We usually prefer the woman lay on the edge of the bed with a full wall squat. The love motion in my "advanced" CAT is a slide motion of the man's pubic bone (not the man's body, too heavy !) over her clitoris; the CAT mentioned by most sexual skill books suggests that the man's body slide over the woman. With a full load of the man's weight on her, it is very difficult for her to contract her vagina muscle to synchronize the love thrusting. This is the drawback of the conventional CAT. In order to exercise her muscle during intercourse, we prefer my "advanced" CAT.

When we were young, we usually come together everytime we made love with my "advanced CAT". But, coming together was not our goal and we wanted more orgasms. In addition, the CAT position has less freedom to act. There is some difficulties to have a good control of ejaculation and to adjust the attack angle and stimulation speed and pressure. These difficulties will prevent a couple to have multiple orgasms. So, after we invented the 3-point Excitation Method, we have used the conventional CAT for our Soft-Drive Stage to expand her vagina, and the advanced CAT for powering up my penis and bringing her to an orgasmic transition state. Then, change the love position to my 3-point Excitation Position for her to execute multiple-cycle orgasms and at the same I can eliminate ejaculation for her second sequence of orgasms. In this way, she usually come twice in one love session.
If you have a hard erection and she is very horny, she may achieve orgasm with the CAT when you ejaculate. If you cannot hold erection and ejaculation long enough, she won't get orgasms.
The principles of orgasmic excitation for all the love positions are the same:

1. Simultaneously stimulate her Clitoris, G-spot and/Or Epicenter with a high pressure at the same time;
2. The man needs a hard erection (preferring a power-up penis), and the woman must have an expanded vagina to prevent peeing and pain.
3. It also requires a good stimulation speed, and fully unconstrained love thrusting and action for at least 300 cycles in one shot (if she is very horny, in the orgasmic transition state, she only needs less than 100 cycles with a high-speed stimulation to achieve an eruptive orgasm.).

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