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TITLE: God lets the engineer solve the sexual problems for all the loving couples for better sexual orgasm! Dr. Lin bridges the Eastern Taoism Sexuality and the Western Engineering Science.
Reader 4/6/1998>
Dr. Lin,
You are a remarkable man of science. Your technique is superior--second to none. I consider you as my teacher, sifu, if you will. Please take me as your disciple.

Dr. Lin: 4/6/1998>
"God create the human body with sexual orgasm capability to distinguish us from animals and to help loving couples bind together in order to advance civilization and family value! Thank God to help me uncover his great creation - The Tao of Love!"
Thank you very much for your encouragement. If my methods and principles are not correct, I would not publish them in the Internet to allow all the people to challenge me. In particular, I have to give my readers non-B.S. solutions for their problems and help them to solve the problems.
Our body is one of the most precise engineering systems. So, we have to use the engineering principles to interpret the sexual phenomena and to solve the sexually-related problems, accordingly. What are the engineering principles used in sexual intercourse?
1. Body Electric Theory - based upon the Sex Engine Theory, providing the Ultimate solutions of impotence/frigidity and engorgement of the sex organs for both sexes, where the bioelectricity in the sexual nerves or the Chi in the Acupuncture Network play a key role in our sexual response and control; the Solutions - solving the blood/Chi(bioelectricity) circulations problems by removing blood congestion or blockage, or/and recharging the Sexual Battery with Sexual electrolytes - the hybrid herbal supplement(No More Vitamins or Minerals!) or the piezoelectric generation by the rhythmic pressure on the pubis during intercourse;
2. Coastal Wave Excitation/Nonlinear Vibration Theories to explain the Resonant Excitation of Sexual Orgasms - Using a good love position to simultaneously stimulate the Clitoris, G-spot and Epicenter for 100-500 cycles at a rate of 1.25 or 2.5 cycles per second to resonate the orgasmic contraction mechanism of her uterus;
3. Transonic Theory of a jet encountering the sound barrier from the subsonic speed (below the sound speed in the air) to the supersonic one (above the sound speed in the air) - How to break the women's orgasmic barrier during intercourse;
4. Signal Interference/Jamming or Destructive Principles to mitigate the man's sexual response for ejaculation control and prolonging intercourse, where the residual sex response is to assist the man to hold the erection and power up the penis;
5. Signal Interference/Constructive Principle for the woman to intensify her sexual response and, thus, to achieve orgasm in a short time;

Although the engineering principles are employed to deal with the sexual problems and the orgasmic phenomena, it is not necessary for the readers to understand the theory. Instead, I have interpreted the principles with intercourse pictures, graphs, and orgasmic videos and sounds to instruct the readers how to do it. As long as you can see, watch, or listen, you can follow the lovemaking instructions. The lovemaking with the engineering principles is called the Sexual ChiKong Intercourse because it can be simply achieved by Sexual ChiKong Breathing. The Sexual ChiKong Intercourse also allow you to raise your bioelectricity level with my 2- or 3-point Excitation Methods where the extra bioelectricity is generated by compressing the pubis, the piezoelectric power generator, during intercourse. Making love in this way will energize your body for more orgasms to come. So, lovemaking can charge your body too. This is the only way to pursue the long(life)-term orgasms, instead of the short-term, sexual pleasure! Sex can be very destructive if you don't do it right. Male insects die after they mate! Indulging in intercourse causes impotence and frigidity before people reach their middle age. Why????? The sexual battery runs out of the bioelectricity before it can be charged. Don't let your sexual battery die.

The principles also allow us to help people troubleshoot their sexual problems such as premature ejaculation, weak erection, impotence, frigidity, vagina dryness, orgasmic pain or cramp, loose vagina and so on, and combat the health problem associated with aging, arthritis, chronic fatigue and pain, and depression.

Perhaps, a "Sexual Mechanics" or "Sexaul Dynamics" course should be offered in the college level or high-school senior level, where the Bioelectric Theory of Sexual Intercourse And Orgasms can be detailed.
Hopefully, more people take this subject seriously. It affects the family structure and stability in the modern society.

TO: All the loving couples

To help both of you to adjust each other in the course of aging, I would like to call your attention on the general requirements
for the super performance of a loving, multi-orgasmic couple, as outlined in the following:
1. The bioelectricity in the parasympathetic, sexual nerves, or "Chi" in the Kidney and Conception Vessels for holding a hard erection, vagina expansion, and lubrication;
2. Testosterone for sexual drive - women need testosterone too, as described in "The Hormone of Desire," by Susan Rako, M.D., Harmony Books, New York, 1995 );
3. The good blood/Chi circulations for engorging the sex organs and delivering fuel (nutrition and oxygen) to burn there;
4. Calming the liver, heart and brain (no sweating and fatigue) to avoid the sympathetic nervous system to execute the "Fight or Flight" command which will disable the parasympathetic, sexual nerves and withdraw the engorgement and lubrication of the sex organs;
5. The Sexual ChiKong Intercourse for generating the bioelectricity by intercourse, resulting in the instant charging of the parasympathetic, sexual nerves for increasing the engorgement and lubrication of the sexual organs and in the long-term benefit of anti-aging.

You should be aware that testostone can not solve the weak erection or impotent problems. If you add testosterone into your body without raising your bioelectricity in your sexual nerves or Chi in your Kidney and Conception Vessels of the acupuncture networks, you may end up in a very diappointed situation that your mind wants sex but your penis doesn't want to cooperate. This is very common for senior couples. My young readers have also reported this embarrassed situation. Some told me their erection goes limp once they are ready to penetrate the vagina. This phenomenon results from the dropping of the bioelectricity in the parasympathetic nervous system (deficiency of the Kidney Chi), such that the sympathetic nervous division executes a "Fight or Flight" command to protect the functions of other organs. To prevent this from happening to you, I suggest you try one or some of the following methods:
1. shortening your forplay and emphasizing your afterplay;
2. taking a 10-30 munite nap or meditation before intercourse;
3. reducing ejaculation frequency if necessary and practicing the screwing technique;
4. having a morning sex;
5. massaging your pubis, low abdomen, thighs and perineum very often to inprove your blood/Chi circulation around the sex organ;
6. drinking my Love Tea or health supplements in repalcing the coffee or soda drinks.

Prolonging intercourse requires a lot of Chi (another form of the bioelectricity in the acupuncture's Kidney and Conception Vessels) to burn the fuel - nutrition and oxygen - in the sex organs for both sexes. When the Chi in the acupuncture vessels is used up or the action potential (bioelectricity) in the parasympathetic, sexual nerves is discharged down to the erection threshold, you will start sweating or feeling fatigue. Once it occurs, your sympathetic nervous divsion is about to automatically take over your body functions. The engorgement and lubrication of the sex organs will be gone in few minutes. If you start to experience this body response, both of you should generate sexual orgasms as soon as possible. But, How???? The answers are in


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